• Process Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment for citizens, public and private institutions

• Handle OCR, EEOC and all other state and federal Civil Rights complaints for Public and Private companies

• PMR offers expert consulting in Human Resources, Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, Diversity and EEO

• Expert Trainings (Human Resources, EEO, Diversity, Affirmative Action, ADA, FMLA, Title IX, Title VII, and all State and Federal Civil Rights)

•Protect My Rights (PMR) Owner and CEO, Barrett Morris, has worked as an expert in the Compliance field for over 20 years. Mr. Morris developed Protect My Right(s) to help not only Companies but also citizens, that are in need of ensuring that their Right(s) are protected at work and in the community.

• PMR is the first and only National Civil Rights consulting firm that offers a quick and easy way to file a complaint of discrimination and harassment, by simply downloading the its App Protect My Right(s) and clicking a few buttons you will be able to file a complaint of discrimination and harassment anywhere in the United States.

• PMR also offers a consulting component, that allows them to connect you with an expert consultant once your complaint is filed. PMR contracts Morris Consulting Group (MCG) to provide compliance experts to serve as your representative through the process.

• The days of trusting HR with your confidential concerns are no longer reliable. Protect your right(s) by Downloading our App and put your compliance concerns in the hands of the experts. Or call us at 1.844.RIGHTS.1

Protect My Rights APP, don’t leave home without downloading our Mobile App, allows employees, citizens and students the ability t file a complaint 24/7 through our Mobile Ap Once we receive your complaint, one of our experts will reach you to process your complaint concern. Taking the worry off of y and putting your Rights in the hands of experts.

Protect My Rights will process your state and or federal Civil Rights Complaint. We also offer additional Consulting after the complai is filed. PMR Consultants can serve as your complaint representative and help you throug the entire complaint process. Protect My Rights also offers cooperate and the ability to contract PMR to handle all your companies state and federal civil rights complaints. Many Americans no longer trust Human Resources, so using PMR allows companies to save high employe salaries by using our neutral experts to investigate, mediate, conciliate and resolve issues of Discrimination and Harassment.

Protect My Rights

In today’s society, it’s important to know your rights and have them protected. Protect My Rights has been helping institutions and the public with complex Civil Rights, EEO, and Compliance for more than 20 years. Our goal is to make sure all citizen’s rights are protected.

Protect My Right(s) (PMR) is an expert EEO consulting firm, that specializes in processing and investigating state and federal Civil Rights complaints. PMR is not a law form, nor does its members and or affiliates afford legal advice. PMR provides expert consulting to provide the best solutions for our customers and protect their right(s), when they have been violated.